[Tig] Standard data transmission speeds table

Daniel Perez danibam at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 15 19:28:27 BST 2012

Hi Jack,I noticed you are missing SAS ... thought you may want to add it to the list.
Also missing is the fact that many RAID systems use dual channel interfaces:dual SAS or dual FC ... 
When talking "time to copy 1 TB" one must always consider interfaces of coursecannot copy faster than what the drives themselves can handle. You can't achieve10 Gbs Thunderbolt when copying to a single drive ... or anything mechanical withless than 8 to 10 drives (talking 7200 rpm).
Daniel P

> From: jack at surrealroad.com
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> Subject: [Tig] Standard data transmission speeds table
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> I just posted a table of data transmission speeds across different
> interfaces that someone may find a useful reference:
> http://blog.surrealroad.com/archives/2012/standard-data-transmission-speeds/
> Let me know if there's anything anyone wants me to add.
> Rob: if you want you can embed the spreadsheet on the TIG WIKI, let me know
> and I'll send you the HTML.
> Jack
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