[Tig] T-Shirts with numbers

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Sat Mar 3 21:30:38 GMT 2012

Hi Rob
Some time ago I remember that you posted the 'top posting people'. Meaning
the people that have made the most posts on Tig.
I believe I was at number 9 or something back then :)

If you have that list for 2011... If I was still on the top 10 I would be
willing to pay €50 for a shirt with the Tig-logo and my name + the number :)
(a T-Shirt like that should enable me to skip ahead in some vendor-lines at

And you could do a special T-Shirt saying 'Top TIG donor 2011' that can
only be bought by the person/company that  donated the most money to Tig in
2012. And charge €100.
Or even €500 if they are rich enough to be to top donor:)

Oh, and that photo-contest...
Is that only appropriate pics or un-appropriate?


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