[Tig] t-shirts and caps update (payment needed)

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Mar 7 04:26:14 GMT 2012

I have 27 orders for shirts and 5 paid so far.    

the TIG tshirts and caps have been ordered and the artwork will be ready for approval this Friday.

The shirts will arrive about one week later in Los Angeles, at which point I will begin the accounting and mailing.

A cursory check of those who have sent in a payment via PayPal doesn't show any from out of the U.S., for which
I'm grateful, as the cost of shipping to other countries hasn't yet been calculated.  Depending on the timing of the
shipping, it could be better for foreign deliveries to go to someone in the U.S. who is traveling to the other clime.

So we're two weeks away from the first mailing, and I'm getting questions about how to pay (U.S. customers only 
at the moment):   http://tig.colorist.org/wiki/Supporters    the "make a donation" button.  

I only got 10 orders for hats, so they're going to be priced at about 20$.   This will be finalized on the 16th March.
Shirts, including U.S. shipping, are 35$, for which I've received 5 payments out of 27 ordered.  I''ve already 
made the payments, so I'm counting on the TIG membership to make their payments (except for foreign orders
which are being calculated for postage).


Rob Lingelbach  http://rob.colorist.org
TIG founder/admin, colorist

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