[Tig] History of Editing (and Telecine editing)

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Mar 7 05:58:41 GMT 2012

Unitel started in Philadelphia a decade before they were in L.A.   I 
served an internship with them moving from:

Studio Manager (paint cycs, maintain lights, studios)
Studio Recordist (2" RCA Quads)
Remote Recordist 
Utility (drag cables)
Dubber (graveyard shift)
Playback (Editor asst) -- still on 2" Editec and CMX systems
Editor-  using Warren Smith animation stand to do triggered moves,
    gpi-driven, manually, with sometimes 4 tape machines rolling to 
    marker-driven cues; I operated switcher doing manual dissolves
    switching between next machine in chain
Editor - CMX
Colorist - 2 weeks, vacation relief 
   FR35/FR16, TK28;   DUBNER CC

Hogan:  we can trade tales.
Lindelein, Callaway, and Gary Adams.  I'm still in touch with the 
first and third.

I need to find John Buck to get his (hopefully) working copy for Nook.

Marc,  incidentally,  should you know of any gigs for colorists, and I say
this in an altruistic sense, I'm just about at my rope's end.  I am not at all
above being a non-paid person until I prove myself, or whatever.  I have
an ego only as big as my repertoire.


Rob Lingelbach  http://rob.colorist.org
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