[Tig] History of Editing (and Telecine editing)

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Ah the magical days of Unitel in NY, back when the owners were known 
commodities, Herb and Al, and not some faceless corporate master 
somewhere in the world. Those were the days where you started at the 
bottom, worked you way up through the ranks (pun intended) and had a 
good time doing it. I remember Rob in those halcyon days, quite the wild 
young man. It was a different business, companies actually made some 
money back then. Am I just giving into nostalgia? I feel like an old man 
sitting in the bench in Brighton Beach talking about the great war.

It was fun though, I remember the first Rank being delivered to Unitel 
replacing the TK 28, a Topsy running it, oh it got better we replaced it 
with an Amigo! Well maybe the old days weren't so good after all.


On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 12:58 AM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

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> ====
> Unitel started in Philadelphia a decade before they were in L.A.   I 
> served an internship with them moving from:
> Janitor
> Studio Manager (paint cycs, maintain lights, studios)
> Studio Recordist (2" RCA Quads)
> Remote Recordist Utility (drag cables)
> Dubber (graveyard shift)
> Playback (Editor asst) -- still on 2" Editec and CMX systems
> Editor-  using Warren Smith animation stand to do triggered moves,
>     gpi-driven, manually, with sometimes 4 tape machines rolling to 
> marker-driven cues; I operated switcher doing manual dissolves
>     switching between next machine in chain
> Editor - CMX
> Colorist - 2 weeks, vacation relief    FR35/FR16, TK28;   DUBNER CC
> Hogan:  we can trade tales.
> Lindelein, Callaway, and Gary Adams.  I'm still in touch with the 
> first and third.
> I need to find John Buck to get his (hopefully) working copy for Nook.
> Marc,  incidentally,  should you know of any gigs for colorists, and I 
> say
> this in an altruistic sense, I'm just about at my rope's end.  I am 
> not at all
> above being a non-paid person until I prove myself, or whatever.  I 
> have
> an ego only as big as my repertoire.
> Rob
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