[Tig] History of Editing (and Telecine editing)

Rich Torpey rich at torpey.com
Thu Mar 8 01:03:32 GMT 2012

I was lucky enough to meet Jack Callaway through the Compuserve Broadcast Professionals Forum (at 1200 baud!). I contacted him back around 1991 or so when I was making a MKiii run under a GVG 31 editor using a Callaway VPR-2b interface (slightly modified ;-)
Incredibly helpful gentlemen, ready to spout assembly code off the top of his head or discuss sports car racing over dinner. A true gentleman who is sorely missed.

Rich Torpey

On 3/7/2012 12:58 AM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

 Hogan: we can trade tales. Lindelein, Callaway, and Gary Adams. I'm still in touch with the first and third.

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