[Tig] More on the DCP wild west

Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 18:35:48 GMT 2012

Anyone brave enough to understand why people won't talk to each other , in
this mess that DCPs and D-cinema are moving towards?

Hi. I just made a DCP (interop), dci compliant, with subtitles (CineCanvas
compatible) on a easyDCp creator+, but the subtitles won’t play on Dolby
DSS200 servers (they do on DOREMIs). As I´m aware these servers won´t deal
with the subtitles, but the projector should do. After an exaustive talk
with the projectionist (who wouldn’t let me look at the projector, a
Christie I think) he said some packaging companies are delivereing the
subtitles is a separete file, outside the DCP package. Could you people
shed a ligh on htis? Will this be an XML ( in mxf package?) for the whole
film? Do i need to create another cpl point to where these subtitles are?
Thank you very much for any reposnses.

Rogério Moraes

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