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Well... Yes, it is a great page and it's creator should be praised for
helping DCP creators around the world. Also all thew tool that he points to
are of great value  and I do use them in great extent. But, I'm coming form
that page :) . The problem seems to be with Dolby DSS servers not being
able to " understand" the subtitles (xml.MXF package) and proper render
them. But Dolby says (as I was told...) this is done by the projector, not
the server. Anyways. I very much apreciate any help. Someone form Dolby
could clarify on this? Or Christie (wich seems to be the projector, that
should be able to render CineCanvas subtitles?)

Thanks you all anyway...

Em 10 de março de 2012 16:07, JM <poundingruvz at yahoo.com> escreveu:

> I've was recently looking for something on DCP creation, and found this
> website:
> http://www.knuterikevensen.com
> He seems to know quite a bit about easyDCP, and DCP in general.
> His about page contains his contact information.
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> Jason Myres
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> Anyone brave enough to understand why people won't talk to each other , in
> this mess that DCPs and D-cinema are moving towards?
> Hi. I just made a DCP (interop), dci compliant, with subtitles (CineCanvas
> compatible) on a easyDCp creator+, but the subtitles won’t play on Dolby
> DSS200 servers (they do on DOREMIs). As I´m aware these servers won´t deal
> with the subtitles, but the projector should do. After an exaustive talk
> with the projectionist (who wouldn’t let me look at the projector, a
> Christie I think) he said some packaging companies are delivereing the
> subtitles is a separete file, outside the DCP package. Could you people
> shed a ligh on htis? Will this be an XML ( in mxf package?) for the whole
> film? Do i need to create another cpl point to where these subtitles are?
> Thank you very much for any reposnses.
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> Rogério Moraes
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