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Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 13:28:25 GMT 2012

Hi everyone

    From Sunday till now a lot of good inputs, but still not to the
center of the question. Wich was solved... The DCP ended up playing on
a Dolby dss100, at the same multiplex without a problem. Inputs from
Dolby and easyDCP were good, but all said everything was right with
the DCP itself ( a question a bout naming the font arose, and I had to
send some logs to Dolby from the server, Wich is impractical) . To be
short, the subtitltes XML were time base correct ( thks Jim for point
me that), they relate not wrapped on XMF, and I do understand the vf
file, a supplemental DCP, but what that would differ from what I did?
Besides, after some talk with the projectionist, he said that this
file had a different name (are o lf the film plus subtitled ) what
wouldn't pass as a supplemental DCP. I still think it was a problem
with this particular screen and setup, Wich seems to me "different" of
what a d-cinema should be.
Thanks all for all input

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Em 13/03/2012, às 09:47, Simon Burley <simon at rpsfilmimaging.co.uk> escreveu:

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> On Sat, March 10, 2012 6:35 pm, Rogério Moraes wrote:
>> Hi. I just made a DCP (interop), dci compliant, with subtitles (CineCanvas
>> compatible) on a easyDCp creator+, but the subtitles won’t play on Dolby
>> DSS200 servers (they do on DOREMIs). As I´m aware these servers won´t deal
>> with the subtitles, but the projector should do.
> Are you wrapping the XML into an MXF? This is un-necessary for interop
> packaging (indeed, this is what might be upsetting the Dolby)
>> After an exaustive talk
>> with the projectionist (who wouldn’t let me look at the projector, a
>> Christie I think) he said some packaging companies are delivereing the
>> subtitles is a separete file, outside the DCP package. Could you people
>> shed a ligh on htis? Will this be an XML ( in mxf package?) for the whole
>> film? Do i need to create another cpl point to where these subtitles are?
> Yes, this is done via a VF (version file) - basically a DCP that brings no
> assets to the player apart from the new CPL and the subtitles and
> typefaces.
> Hope this helps a bit.
> Simon
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