[Tig] What are you grading today?

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I dont think anyone in this group eschews the quality of film and I think most of us prefer it to anything else.  However there has been a near collapse in the use of film for television and medical uses, i.e. xrays.  Kodak's restructuring and emergence as an inkjet copier company is a sadly, all too loud voice of film's demise.  Laboratories are feeling the heat as well with a fraction of the throughput from the mid 90's and subsequent industry consolidation.   

I think you find yourself in a rare space in time where you are grading film much like it used to be worldwide.  I really hope that Fuji or others will keep manufacturing high quality neg and I hope there will be labs to process it.  Current trends suggest a different outlook.  

And not to forget the thread topic:

Mon - Ice Cream commercial - Phantom - 2048x1080 .cine files

Tuesday - Network Pilot - 1920x1080 Alexa 4444 Log C

Wednesday - Heating/Cooling spots - 1920x 1080 Alexa 4444 Log C

Coming soon a commercial on RED Epic 5120x2700 R3D

Keep the torch alight Jean-Clement, no one wants to see film cease and desist.


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> I hesitated before posting when this subject was going on, none of the large post companies mentioned any of their work because they are all competing for the same jobs but I thought it might give a different perspective about what is being done at the moment.
> Friday: Telecom commercial 35mm film and Phantom
> Monday: TV idents Canon 5D, Supermarket commercial Alexa
> Tuesday: Bank commercial 35mm film
> Wednesday: German car commercial 35mm film, short film no money 35mm film
> Thursday: Beer commercial (known for cool 60s look) 16mm film
> Friday: UK Government body commercial 35mm film
> Monday: German car (different one) 35mm film
> Tuesday/Wednesday: Beauty product commercial 35mm film
> etc.....who said film was dead? Our scanning room is full of cans of neg to the ceiling.
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