[Tig] TIG presence at NAB (Tshirts etc.)

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Mar 26 09:00:52 BST 2012

In the interest of getting the TIG Tshirts distributed in the most efficient and economical 
way, I'll be at NAB with the shirts and caps that have already been purchased.

This is particularly important in the case of those from foreign countries visiting NAB who 
can help by packing an extra shirt or cap for someone else-- who otherwise would have to 
wait a while for the international shipping to be estimated, arranged and paid for.  (see
below about the upcoming wiki page for notification)

There will also be a few extras that I've ordered (the first run of about 60 shirts and 20 caps
has sold out).

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I'll be based at the Image Systems/Digital Vision booth, 
Stand # SL6310.
I'll also have a wiki page roughed out for notification purposes-  e.g. for purchasers to advise 
me that they will be at the show or not, and if they have a designated agent to act for them.
I'll post its location in the next day or two.
For people who aren't attending NAB, I hope to get some US shipping done in the next 2 weeks.
International orders will take more time as I have to get the shipping cost information, order by

Rob Lingelbach  http://rob.colorist.org
TIG founder/admin, colorist

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