[Tig] 8bit vs 10bit for TV

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
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Hi Carl,

I don't think I have encountered an online artist asking for material in lesser bit depth. Seems very odd, considering that even Digibetas are 10 bit. (Yes, 4:4:4 RGB 8 bit vs. 4:2:2 10 bit YUV has been an ongoing debate for years...! Let's not go there...)

Furthermore, I suspect that working from 8bit files, banding could easily be an issue, especially if you have gradients, vignettes or have used Gaussian blurs on certain parts of the picture.

I know that the earlier Smoke's on Mac were restricted to 8 bit so it would make sense if you are on an older Smoke, but the Linux based Autodesk machines still function internally and output at higher bit depths.

However, I too would be curious to hear if any other colourists have encountered such requests...



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In grading we strive to get realtime performance. A few years ago HD was
possible in a non-linear suite. But we preferred SD if we needed to to a
lot of blurred keys.

A couple of years ago HD got as fast as SD used to be. And we sent had to
bother if the client wanted it delivered in HD or SD.
Now I don't care anymore. I do everything in HD wether the client needs it
it not.

Now we try to grade in 4K and are in some cases possible to to that. If I
is a TV-commercial we can grade in HD and then just change the resolution
when we start the render. The rendertime won't be days, maybe a few hours
at the top if it is a lot of material.


I seem to get some requests from online-guys that would prefere to get the
HD-DPX as 8but instead of 10bit.
Because they are working in 8bit anyway and just have to re-scale it
In Sweden we still deliver everything in SD, but at least we grade in HD so
they can downscale during online (so they can zoom if needed).

I'm I the only one getting requests to deliver 8bit HD-DPX? Or are other
colorist nagged on by online-people to deliver smaller files?

There seems to be a rule:
If it is already graded, there is no need for 10bit!

Feel free to comment either Pro or Against 8bit.

(note. this is only for non-vfx/greenscreen jobs that are targeted for TV.
Transmitted as 16/9-SD)


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