[Tig] Davinci Resolve Full Range vs Normal Range

Simon Brazzalotto brazzalotto.simon at gmail.com
Wed May 16 02:31:43 BST 2012


I know nothing about Adstream as I'm working long-form for TV with tape delivery.  Broadcasters only accept product within the normal gamut limits.  Anything delivered outside of specification is either rejected or passed through a legaliser, which will clip off any vision falling outside  the diamond display on a 601 WFM.  This will make your work look flat and clipped.

I'm using an older version of Resolve where the video I/O and monitoring settings on the config page offer "Enable Mapping" and "Disable Mapping".  My workflow at the moment involves bouncing pre-conformed sequences in and out via tape.  A lot of the camera original material has vision peaks approaching 110%.  If I use "Enable Mapping" I clip off a lot of these highlights on the way in.  To avoid this I ingest using "Disable Mapping" but grade using "Enable Mapping".  I add a channel at the track level which uses the primaries to globally correct the colour bars at the head of the sequence.  I grab a gallery reference still of the bars at track level and steal this from project to project.  This process lets me rescue detail out of Resolve's clippers just the same as with file based conform, but still deliver a product within legal gamut.

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> Hi,
> I have always worked with the normal range button checked in Davinci
> Resolve for TV-commercials.
> When taking the normal range file (MXF) back to Flame it is viewed as
> normal range as the rest of the commercials (from other production
> companies) were viewed as full range on the scopes.
> It is ok to deliver full range with Adstream, so why is that I have heard
> all colorist out there work normal range for TV delivery? Is this a
> misunderstanding?
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