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Jeff Kreines jeffkreines at mindspring.com
Wed May 16 22:10:21 BST 2012


Here's a link to some current information on the Kinetta Archival Scanner:


Here's a link to some tests I did re the importance of high-resolution scanning, even from material that conventional wisdom considers well-served scanned at SD or pillarboxed HD. 


Another use of extra resolution is to scan film edge-to-edge.  For archivists, this captures all of the "analog metadata" on the film -- edge numbers and optical tracks, which can be extracted at very high quality directly from the image scan file (skipping the pain of aligning and focusing analog track readers and the extra analog-to-digital conversion).  More on this shortly. 

Let me know of you have any questions.  Currently the closest Kinetta to you is in Paris at As'Image. 


Jeff Kreines
jeff at kinetta.com

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> Hi
> A client, which is a museum, is looking to upgrade their SD Telecine to HD. They own a lot of archive footage. I suggested Jeff Kreines as I read quite positive reviews for his Telecine equipment equipment, but as far as I can see his website, http://www.kinetta.com/ is empty.
> Can anyone guide me how I can get hold of him?
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