[Tig] Digital Imaging with LEDs: More (or LESS) than Meets the Eye -- Hollywood SMPTE on Thursday

Bill Hogan billhogan1 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 18:15:42 BST 2012

 Ever wonder why one side of the face is green and the other side looks OK?
Are good skin tones harder than ever to achieve?
Did the actor look great yesterday and today with the same camera skin
tones and what he is wearing looks like crap?

Attend the FREE Hollywood SMPTE meeting on Thursday and find out why.  Food
and drink provided. Everyone welcome
but you need to RSVP.

Hope to see everyone there. Complete SMPTE announcement below with RSVP

Regards, Bill Hogan
Hollywood SMPTE Education Chair.

Digital Imaging with LEDs: More (or LESS) than Meets the Eye

On Thursday, May 31 the Hollywood Section of SMPTE will present a
comprehensive seminar on Solid State/LED LIGHTING.

Advances in solid-state illumination technology are now making LED
luminaires practical for many television and motion picture applications.
 LED lighting provides the benefits of reduced power consumption and less
cooling requirements. But the light emissions from LEDs have fundamentally
different chromaticity than the familiar tungsten and HMI luminaries in use

This FREE SMPTE Meeting will review the fundamentals of making white light
with LEDs, including trichromatic and pumped phosphor systems.  You will
learn why illumination with identical color temperature measurements can
look very different to the eye, and even more different to a digital camera.

The meeting will also explore the relationship between trichromatic
illumination and three-color camera sensors.  In addition, you will hear
about why new emerging standards for measuring illumination quality will be
important in the future.

Presenting this very timely and important program will be Jon Erland,
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Technology Council Chair of the
Solid State Lighting
Subcommittee; Scott Dyer, AMPAS Imaging Engineer and Ryan Fletcher, ARRI
Platform Manager for Lighting.

The EVENING program is FREE TO ALL...... SMPTE and Non-members are
welcome.  Food and beverages will be provided starting at 6 pm with the
program beginning at 7:30 pm.
The location is the AMPAS Pickford Center's Dunn Theater at 1313 North Vine
St., Hollywood, CA. FREE PARKING is provided behind the Pickford Center.

As we expect the theater capacity to be FULL you MUST RSVP.  Please RSVP
at: *http://hsmptemay31meeting.eventbrite.com*<http://email.smpte.org/wf/click?upn=bq51ZszwwpScpzmksbQElqCTUhSr9fV-2BrAM5lNCvL2AcOpTcWGkaZeyty-2Bw8vmeg4JbWB5Gq8uDBrki3u5kkA9XQv2aM1JG5kRvd6KT9rUrnwoSovOIu7JD-2BKgAzafW55Ni3vv8AkPdoa-2BzM2-2BlHjr3nFjSJABwE5VC-2B2dQuqE-2BuIk8F8BaHNIG109kVxBvdLudoiw14uVLUH9u7QXxXohnuESWMyypwCE9a9uhXsGooK1L25GMegUbBcY9Sg9-2BOCdQNcsEhFRH8sf4sdRVkZi7P7oVN7yQByWEilImKFl8096ngnpIWBv3VJi-2B-2BKz8u0YnoTAg88QOpm5GyQa-2B8RcYecbdJ59cy3Sb7N-2BDTU-2Bt5dgcz5-2BehIiGVVOspzqpxvwBOTwGizoi2zmlX-2BT54tA-3D-3D_WMeEoYZHvgo9XXD-2Fj6-2F-2Fw041-2FHvkycztjbK8NC21tsyFCuYUI0vNEEuZMJfVDMOG4pg-2B8xOAPIwuIFwuLQ3xjOQf5VqQqYj80EG3-2BOXF3lmh51kLwyo4-2BSEx8Z10iGTJkeD4-2Fm4N94FtJl9e4koQlkAU7LJ12U-2BzQiTNIf0iPkA-3D>

Plan to attend and find out about the new technology and how it effects
everyone.  The entire production team including DPs, make-up and hair, Art
Directors, gaffers and the entire visual post production team need to know
about these rapidly changing technologies. The results of the Academy's
multi-year investigation and LIVE technology demos will be shown.


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