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Simon Brazzalotto brazzalotto.simon at gmail.com
Thu May 31 14:37:51 BST 2012

Hi Everyone,

My grading suite has a white painted concave cyc wall which is lit by D65 fluorescent tubes concealed on either side.  They're permanently on via a fixed dimmer and the tubes have ND filters wrapped around them.  Apart from a dimmed and shuttered D65 fluorescent fixture over the grading console, the cyc wall is the only light source in the room.  As I'm usually sans clients this is OK but, when I do have punters in the room who want to read and write notes, it's a problem.  They can turn on an incandescent Luxo desk lamp, which I encourage them to direct upwards so the light bounces off the ceiling rather than reflect off the grading monitor.  I would prefer to have more ambient light in the room as I'm working for long-form television and I think the bat cave ambience isn't a realistic comparison to the average domestic viewing environment.

I'd like to install an indirect D65 light source over the client lounge at the back of the room and retire the desk lamp.  I'm thinking along the lines of either a drip tray suspended just below the ceiling so the light is directed upwards, or an upward facing tubular fixture.  Another option may be a pelmet fixture at the top of the black draped rear wall.  If this indirect lighting is satisfactory I'm toying with the idea of painting the cyc wall 18% grey to match the rest of the room as I find the large expanse of white distracting.  The white cyc wall is an evolution of the old "reference white" light box monitor surround that existed in an old telecine suite we used to have years ago.

Like Cem, I'd be interested to learn what others are doing.  Are people grading in a bat-cave or a more ambient environment for long-form television?

Simon Brazzalotto
ABC TV, Sydney

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> Hi everyone,
> I'm building a cyc wall in the grading suite and wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation for the paint ? Should it be 18% gray, or neutral white? What do you guys use?
> Thanks!
> Cem
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