[Tig] Weird 16mm black/white neg 7222 problem

peter_swinson at compuserve.com peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Mon Nov 5 11:23:20 GMT 2012

Looking at the QuickTime images I assume we are looking at the "blotches" on the Right Hand Side of the 16mm and left edge of the 35mm.

Certainly does not look like static as it is too diffuse, looks more chemical than mechanical. On the 35mm it looks as though it might be associated with the perforations, perhaps some local turbulence in the bath such as bubbles but that seems quite unlikley.

One other thought, has the material been through  an X ray machine at any stage. The samples posted are not really long enough to see if there is any cyclic rhythm to these blotches. If there is a rhythm, however small, and it can be associated with the film roll size then it might offer a clue as to the cause.  For example. Over the length of the film if the rhythm starts slowly but speeds up as the roll progresses, then if it was Xray damage or some other radiation contamination while the film was in its can that would indicate the roll was contaminated prior to shooting. Conversely if the rhythm starts fast and slows throughout the roll the contamination happened after the film was shot and canned. 

I'm probably not helping but thought it worth mentioning



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