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I wonder if David in the movie "Prometheus" was watching the 4K version, 
while the rest of the crew was in stasis?

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Here's a very detailed article about the recent restoration, which will be 
the version on the upcoming BD/DVD release. I saw the US premiere of the 
4K DCP, which was quite beautiful and has none of the flaws mentioned 
previously. I don't know anything about the BFI screening referred to, but 
it sounds like it may have been a print from the previous (photochemical) 
restoration, which did have some of those issues. 


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>On Mon, 5 Nov 2012, Jack James wrote:
>> The issues that bothered me were the massive colour changes between 
shots, several dropped frames, and some bounce,
>> so nothing consistent, and I've been told by other people that it must 
have been a different version to the one that
>> will be on the bluray.
>I hope so.  Previously a DVD came out in 2001 and it is possible that 
further work was done for DVD re-release in 2008.  The Blu-ray is supposed 
to be based on an 8K scan which is reduced to a 4K DI process.  It would 
be interesting to know the DI workflow which was used.
>Likely Jim Houston knows when the transfer for the Blu-ray took place and 
if it has any digital relation to the work done in 2008.
>No one was using 4K DI processes back in 2001. 2K would have been state 
of the art.  By 2008 we had some films using 4K processes.
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