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On 11/28/12, David Bernstein <d_bernstein2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Does anyone happen to have any historical knowledge or documentation
> regarding the specific dimensions of the early CinemaScope 2.55 format? For
> example, according to RP40 the size of an anamorphic 2.39 image is 0.690 in.
> x 0.825 in., within the Academy frame.

My copy of the May 96 issue of the great "WideGuage Film & Video
Newsletter" has a article on Cinemascope 55.

some tidbits:
film width 55.625mm
pulldown-camera 8perf
pulldown-projector 6perf
cam aperture 1.824"x1.430"
proj aperture 1.340"x1.050"

This was a great newsletter.
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