[Tig] Tig Digest, Vol 276, Issue 4

azssi m. azssi2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 09:16:43 BST 2012

Hi all.

  Good Day.

Is anyone of you here knows how to Map Euphonix Mc Color to Assimilate Scratch? Having a hard time configuring it.. The Mc Control Panel is 
already responding to Assimilate but the thing' I dont know how to map
to every knobs of Mc Color. Do i need addtl.software for them to work?
Because i already tried in Apple color and RedCine x it was fine. The
moment i connected via ethernet it was automatically recognized by 
Euphonix. I havent tried it in Davinci resolve tho. Pls. help. Thanks
in advance.

Blu Post Asia

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