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Martin Wells colourblonde at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 03:23:00 BST 2012

I've recently moved back to Toronto and to my surprise, everything is shot on video. When I say video, I mean red, alexa, hdcam,C300, 5D, 7D, GoPro, etc.

My question is this.. Does anyone miss the film days? I don't necessarily mean dealing with film and all the stuff that went along with that but I mean dealing with people that knew what the consequences of dealing with film was.
It seems to me that more times than not, I deal with cameramen that have no idea how to light a room, what a white balance is or even how to keep a constant light within  a scene. Surely, it must be easier today due to the simple fact that they can look at the monitor directly after shooting the scene and say yes... or no...

I seem to remember that d.o.p.'s of the past gave a shit. Maybe I'm just getting old and a bit bitter but it does seem to me that now any Larry and their brother can pick up a camera and call themselves d.o.p's.
They're not..
I personally think they are merely cameramen. I think true d.o.p.'s are a rare bunch. I have worked with a few but very few.

I do my best to make any pile of crap look like a diamond but at the end of the day, if it starts out brown, it's very difficult to make it gold.

Am I alone?

Martin Wells
colourblonde at gmail.com

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