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Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Thu Oct 11 17:03:25 BST 2012

That would be worth seeing, having dealt with exactly this subject  
for the last couple of seasons of a Panasonic-shot series. It could  
be argued, observing as a colorist, we now have the extended toolbox  
in a variety of applications to introduce that kind of curve  
response/ selective defocus in whatever qualified range we choose  
(given a nice, rich, fat, raw source file).  *Why do I suddenly feel  
like firing up the barbecue?* But of course we still have to  
reconcile the cost of devoting the time and resources -- either at  
this end or your end.  Okay, so its possible in post, but it has  
taken years of development to get the software to where it is today,  
and it has also taken cinematographers years of lighting,  
sensitometry evaluations, filter selections, stock evolution...

I expect the next version of Final Cut X will have an "auto-glamour"  
filter that will be applied at the ingest stage, though, just so it  
delivers on the iPhoto model of auto-montage.  *With Ken Burns as a  
default overlay!* just to make the show interesting from Apple's  
point of view.

On 10-Oct-12, at 10:25 PM, Geoff Boyle wrote:

> Lovely compression of skin defects in the upper part of the curve.
> I'll try and post the results on CML

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