[Tig] Is this what it's coming to?

Jack James jack at surrealroad.com
Thu Oct 11 20:16:57 BST 2012

To be fair, whomever posted that ad probably doesn't really know _what_
they're after. And I don't think the Lo/No Deferred (not to mention the bad
grammar) is really going to attract anyone serious about the craft.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Robert Lovejoy <chroma601 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Hello everyone,
>      As a long-term unemployed colorist, I have never given up looking
> for work.  I've applied for Master Control jobs, Audiovisual jobs,
> Computer IT jobs, and always the rare full-time colorist position.
>      Today in my searching I saw this help wanted ad -
> VFX and color correction
> New York, New York
> We are looking for an someone with after effects and color correction
> skills to asset with the final visuals of a 20 min short film. Most of
> the work will be transitions, titles, and color correction. But there
> is also some very creative motion graphic parts. So for the right
> person this will be a lot of fun. This position is…
> Category: Post-production, Editing, VFX | Type: Lo/No Deferred |
> Posted: 10/10/2012
>      I can remember when color correction was its own field.  We
> trained all our lives and learned skill sets that dilettantes could
> barely imagine.  Nowadays colorists are hired on an as-needed basis,
> and frequently as only a small part of a jack-of-all-trades one man
> band package.  The poster of this ad seems downright dismissive of
> color work, promising the fun will be found in the VFX.
>      I know, evolve or perish.  Modern folks need to learn a little of
> everything to survive in today's market.  But I cannot help but feel
> some sadness over how much is lost in this paradigm.
>      So it goes.
> Bob Lovejoy
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