[Tig] film--Shooting ratios film v digital or tape

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Fri Oct 12 16:47:06 BST 2012

A recent videoblog discussing the new BlackMagic Cinema Camera  
touched on this (Philip Bloom).  The discussion was around whether to  
shoot RAW or ProRes.  He made a grimace and did the math around  
storage requirements for RAW vs the Quicktime codec, and concluded  
that it was up to the user, whether they wanted a shelf full of  
uncompressed media on multiple hard drives, or just *a* hard drive  
with a relatively small amount of (you know the Apple advertising)  
*visually lossless* files for the same volume of footage.  So  
shooting 100:1 (or whatever) didn't really enter into it, but 10  
drives versus 1 drive has some very physical consequences.

On 12-Oct-12, at 6:10 AM, Ted Langdell wrote:

> It's not just the cost of time for people on set while the camera  
> is recording.. and the cost of initially storing all that  
> additional content.

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