[Tig] Grading Stereo3D resulting in multiple masters

Jean-Francois Panisset panisset at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 20:38:39 BST 2012

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 11:03 AM, David Bernstein
<d_bernstein2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Also, I still see some network commercials that are 4:3 pillarboxed, which I assume means some spots are still being posted in SD and upconverted??
> DB

I haven't seen a "high value" spot finished SD in a while, but it is
incredibly frustrating to be watching an HD channel and see the spot
you just delivered on HDCAM SR get aired somehow upconverted from the
SD version.

JF Panisset

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