[Tig] Le Havre, NAB, etc.

Rob Lingelbach ayiram2k at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 02:51:01 BST 2013

I've heard from an esteemed Colorist that Gerard Estival at Laboratoires Eclair Paris did the grading on the feature "Le Havre."  If anyone wants to see some lessons in lighting and grading, it may provide.

A friend who is attending NAB -- a Colorist/Cinematographer -- would like to know, based on his profession(s), what he should visit at the show.   It would be nice if there were some dispassionate recommendations given here on the TIG.  It's not meant as an invitation to market products, rather, meant to give suggestions (and maybe rumors) some airplay.  

(if any manufacturer/vendors want to submit info, the conduit is http://colorist.org/wiki/TIGNABFS2013  ….please contact me and I'll get it listed quickly)


Rob Lingelbach  http://rob.colorist.org

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