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Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Tue Apr 16 18:50:41 BST 2013

Eizo showed a 'technology preview' of a 36" 4K monitor. Although also LCD.

One cool thing they also showed was a 27" 2,5K monitor that could be fed a
4K signal and internally downconvert to its native format.

I could see that as a good idea. Then I could have a 'client monitor' that
was a consumer 4K display and also have a smaller monitor on my desk both
having the same signal.

Otherwise it is hard to set up a room with a 4K monitor on the desk... The
once it there now are way to big to place on a desk half a meter from your

But whether it it good enough to grade in.... I don't know.

(No affiliation with Eizo)


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16 apr 2013 kl. 16:06 skrev Bob Frye <bcfrye at earthlink.net>:


Good question, now that yiu mention this, I do seem to recall seeing a
prototype OLED display at Panasonic as well.  I'll double check my notes
and pics.

Cinetal's last monitors were sold by Ikan for a short time, but no more.  I
believe the last inventory of Cinetal monitors was sold through

Barco hasn't shown their small LCD based monitors here for some time now.
 This NAB nothing as well.  Their distribution in the US was always
sketchy, never seemed up to the task


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On Apr 16, 2013, at 2:01 AM, simon astbury <simonastbury at hotmail.com> wrote:

Many thanks Bob, just to clarify, the only two companies showing OLED
technology were Sony and Ikegami ?

I'm curious to see if LCD has improved, based on previous, painful
experience, the only LCD monitor I would feel happy grading on is the Dolby.

Also nothing from Barco or Cinetal ?

Thanks again



Featured a “New 4k OLED Technologies” area with a 56” QFHD 4k OLED monitor
(available later this summer) along side a technology demonstration of a
30” OLED

4k monitor that is true 4k (4096 x 2160). No prices were announced, and no
photos were allowed.

Sony also updated their current pro OLED monitor line to the “A series” –
featuring a major improvement in viewing angle being the headline here for
the BVM E, BVM F, and PVM Series OLED monitors. The demo featured a very up
front and dramatic comparison between the two versions. Clearly they have
addressed one of the customer’s biggest complaints about OLED.

New Feature Sets for the PVM and LDM 41 Series monitors also were featured.
(Closed Captioning, Time Code, Camera Focus, WFM, Vectorscope and Audio)

Sony’s newest pro monitor the 4k PVM X300 (30”) was on display, and the
Sony booth had many display areas dedicated to 4k Live for HD, 4k Ultra HD
Home Theater.


Showed two new Grade 1 monitors. 16.5” and 24.5” models are under
development. Both use OLED panel technology, with 1920 x 1080 resolution, a
contrast ratio of 5,000:1. Max brightness 250 nits, and the familiar OLED
claim of true blacks. Available Q1 2014

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