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Neil Smith neilsm at mac.com
Tue Apr 16 23:32:01 BST 2013

We had one of the new EIZO 27 inch monitors on our booth at NAB last week - the CG 276 is very impressive from both a resolution and colorimetry point of view.  We were driving it with the new NVIDIA K5000 GPU which is also great for Resolve - CG 276 form factor is remarkable and priced at $2700 it's a great deal.

We'll have a CG 276 at our '4K MADE EASY' training day on Saturday April 27th on the old Warner Hollywood Lot in West Hollywood … plus we'll have one of their big 36 inch 4K monitors (man, that thing weighs a ton) … true 4K resolution is stunning … but costs a bit more that the CG 276.

Though the focus of the day is on 4K workflow and the round-tripping between FCP X and DaVinci Resolve it might be of interest to TIGgers who need to master FCP X as a conform and finishing tool - details on the website link below:


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> Eizo showed a 'technology preview' of a 36" 4K monitor. Although also LCD.
> One cool thing they also showed was a 27" 2,5K monitor that could be fed a
> 4K signal and internally downconvert to its native format.
> I could see that as a good idea. Then I could have a 'client monitor' that
> was a consumer 4K display and also have a smaller monitor on my desk both
> having the same signal.
> Otherwise it is hard to set up a room with a 4K monitor on the desk... The
> once it there now are way to big to place on a desk half a meter from your
> eyes.
> But whether it it good enough to grade in.... I don't know.
> (No affiliation with Eizo)
> /Carl
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