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Yes, I did see the Pana OLED proto, although I forgot to mention it in my report.  I found it interesting that Pana would begin working on OLEDs... Will it ultimately replace their Plasma or LCD monitors?  Will they offer all three technologies at some point?  It will be interesting to see how that plays out


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>> Many thanks Bob, just to clarify, the only two companies showing OLED technology were Sony and Ikegami ?
> Panasonic had one behind a curtain, but it was a prototype (I hope). Did not
> look very good in comparison to my low end but quite good looking PVM OLED
> from Sony.
>> I'm curious to see if LCD has improved, based on previous, painful experience, the only LCD monitor I would feel happy grading on is the Dolby.
> The new Panasonic LCD IPS monitor looked pretty good. Colorimetry and off-axis
> were much improved over previous models from what I could tell (I used to own
> the 2550, which I quite liked as long as you kept your eyes in the center of
> the screen).
>>> Sony Featured a “New 4k OLED Technologies” area with a 56” QFHD 4k OLED monitor (available later this summer) along side a technology demonstration of a 30” OLED 4k monitor that is true 4k (4096 x 2160). No prices were announced, and no photos were allowed.
> I heard $30-$35K bandied about for Sony's 4K OLEDs. As always, they were
> somewhat interested in what people were willing to pay :).
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