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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Thu Apr 18 18:36:20 BST 2013

>right now only LCD technology is capable of meeting the correct broadcast colour
>reproduction standards such as ITU/EBU REC709. OLED as nice as it is,
>remains for the foreseeable future, a hybrid technology and is great for
>short lifecycle, 'disposable' devices like mobile phones.  

Can you cite reputable sources to back up this assertion?

For me, even the least expensive OLED monitors are vastly superior in
reproducing 709 to ones where an uncalibrated fluorescent bulb of unknown age
or low CRI LEDs are being pushed through liquid crystal substrates. 

That's not even considering that dark gray is not black, and even the more
expensive IPS panels lack decent off-axis reproduction of colors and contrast.


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