[Tig] Film boxes for Labrolls

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Mon Apr 29 16:33:07 BST 2013

Is there anyone that knows of a good manufacturer of film boxes... the once
we put a labroll in after it's been developed?

I usually buy from Dancan, but the minimum is 1000 boxes... and that's a
lot for a small lab like us.

Or is there anyone out there that has a pile of leftover-boxes in the
garage that you would like to sell for a good price?

I'm not looking for the cheap paper pizza-boxes... I'm looking for the nice
once in plastic that "snap-tight" when closed.

If you know anything... contact me of list.

(Disclaimer: no affiliation with Dancan or pizza)

*Carl Skaff
Stopp Stockholm
Office +46 8 50 70 35 00

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