[Tig] super sticky PTR for Telecine

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
Tue Apr 30 23:33:02 BST 2013

Hi Carl,
               Long before ptr's there was a roller called, "a sticky
roller" that was exactly that ...and when full you peeled the next layer off
... I want to say Dupont, but cant remember, even too long ago for me ...
more often than not they cleaned the film beautifully but snapped the film
on the servo mkiii servo's being upset by the stickiness ... and they ended
up more dirty than ever because of all the joins. They were about 3"
diameter and sat between the spooling motors, below the loop rollers
....ahahaha, nobody knows what a mkiii is :)

Graham Collett
Visible Sprockets Ltd

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Hi all

I've heard about people using a non-rubber-PTR for Telecines...
I think it is sort of sticky-tape to remove dirt from the filmroll...

anyone has experience with that?


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