[Tig] Grading 5d thoughts

Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 12:53:52 GMT 2013

Hello everyone

    I'd like input from you on how are you all dealing, thinking, feeling,
loosing hope and health (or being happy, I don't know...), on grading Canon
5d footage, specially when intercut with other digital cameras. I'm not
trying to start a thread here on how to convert or deal with the 5d
material, or tech specs, but how it feels to grade from this camera, which
in my opinion is far from an ideal of " good image". From strange unnatural
skin tones to it's limited range, noise... I do feel that the best approach
so far is to not touch the footage much. The more you try to tweak it , the
more unnatural it feels.
Any thoughts?

Rogério Moraes

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