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Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
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Sometimes 5/7 D can look nice... But I've never seen GoPro footage cut
nicely with other 'highend cameras'

I follow the show Revolution and overall I like the look. But too often
they have an action scene and cut to a GoPro mounted in a cool angle and it
just sticks out too much.

Maybe it isn't GoPro, but it must be a small nasty expendable camera
because it just looks so different.

Also, I used to follow the last made StarTrek series. Don't remember the
name of it.
The first seasons was shot on film, but the last (or maybe second to last)
season was shot digital. I think it must have been a Sony 750 or 900 (or
maybe a Panavision style of one of those) and one night I looked at the
last episode of one season and directly after watched the first on the
next, shot digital... And it was so weird. It looked the same but something
was different. As if they brought in a cleaning team to polish the ship...



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5 dec 2013 kl. 15:53 skrev Tom Rovak <trovak at comcast.net>:

You've got to make it flat first. Emulating a "raw" file as much as
possible. This will give you a far better feel for what's in the image, and
the latitude of exposure (which isn't much with these cameras).
I have done projects where DSLR footage was intercut with better digital
cameras. It can work. Big problem is all the inherent compression noise in
the original image. Quite often you may not notice it until you start
manipulating the contrast.
The bigger problem comes with the deliverables. If your deliverable is 4K
DCP, the DSLR really starts looking bad. this may be in the realm of totaly
unrealistic. but it has been done.
Some years ago I was really hoping the DSLR revolution was a passing fad.
Today I am so happy to say that I have not had a DSLR project for quite
some time. I hope to never see one again.
Best of luck.

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Hello everyone

I'd like input from you on how are you all dealing, thinking, feeling,
loosing hope and health (or being happy, I don't know...), on grading Canon
5d footage, specially when intercut with other digital cameras. I'm not
trying to start a thread here on how to convert or deal with the 5d
material, or tech specs, but how it feels to grade from this camera, which
in my opinion is far from an ideal of " good image". From strange unnatural
skin tones to it's limited range, noise... I do feel that the best approach
so far is to not touch the footage much. The more you try to tweak it , the
more unnatural it feels.
Any thoughts?

Rogério Moraes

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