[Tig] Grading 5d thoughts

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Mon Dec 9 03:31:01 GMT 2013

>I don't see DSLR footage as much anymore, and hoping it was a passing fad, or possibly the humiliation just got to be too much.

The though that you can embarrass a producer for insisting on using low end
crap is a non-starter. I've been doing this for about four decades, and one of
the things I've learned is that they don't understand the concept of

>the feet on the ground challenge that I see is that there just doesn't seem to be as much care or understanding put into the camera work, set lighting, or cross-light consciousness.

That's because once you're using a camera that anyone with a modest credit
card limit can buy, the idea of paying experienced crew who know what they're
doing flies right out the window. After all, if I'm buying the entire camera
package for less than the cost of the zoom control and motor on a professional
camera, why on earth would I pay a proper DP day rate, or hire expensive,
professional support crew. This stuff shoots itself, right?

I will never forget my first call for a 5D shoot, and the 12 year old producer
snorting "You are aware that your day rate is almost half what the entire
camera package cost, right?" I wished him good luck, told him to call me for

I have exactly zero sympathy for people who expect pro results with amateur
gear and inexperienced people. What I do have sympathy for is you guys and
gals to whom they deliver the turd they've shot and expect you to polish to a
glossy finish.

>From the production side of the trench...


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