[Tig] Let's make it a party!

Rob Lingelbach roblingelbach at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 19:19:09 BST 2013

Every NAB and IBC, there is a flurry approaching a blizzard for product announcements and their concomitant offers.  The TIG, starting in 1991, began this thing with a completely altruistic intention ("Altruistic Intentions") to let all post production inventions be released. This was modeled after the Linux ( I almost said GNU!) license model.   

Since then, much work from yours truly has been built into TIG.colorist.org.    With help from Dave Tosh and others, it has become a site.  

Some help from longtime tigers to support the cause is welcome. If you go to rob.colorist.org and look at the thumbnails, I will pledge 20% of any profit return to the Minneapolis arts foundation and return 50% pre-20% to the contingent build of the TIG.   These effectively confer ownership of the images to the investor. 

If there be any particular image requested, please contact me directly.  

Rob Lingelbach

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