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I would bet that your local library would have Ansel Adam’s series of books  (“the camera”, “the negative”, “the print”) - and they would be a great place to start.

Obviously they we written in the times of film, but the techniques, examples, and wisdom of an artist like Adams will be applicable to any medium, not just film.

Even the stuff on negatives, prints, dodging, burning, etc still apply to digital. your still doing all the same stuff - its just a lot easier and more flexible to do it digitally.

the fundamentals of what makes up a compelling image haven't changed.

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My nephew is getting his feet wet in the world of nature photography (needless to say, digital).

He would like a recommendation for a book he can borrow from his public library here in the states.
Is there a kind of bible that one could recommend?

Sorry for the Off-Topic Posting, but maybe someone else can get something out of it as well.


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