[Tig] Remote Grading

David HJ. Lindberg david.hj.lindberg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 20:43:48 GMT 2013


I'm about to grade a commercial for clients in NYC and I'm curious about
what softwares you think is best for letting them see the grading live. It
doesn't have to be realtime of course, but preferably it should be able to
share the screen in at least 1080p.

I know some uses Skype and I guess it's a fine solution, haven't heard
about any color shifts but according to some the frame rate is too slow and
you'll have to get a premium account to be able sharing the screen with
more than just one client.

Do you have any tips on other applications that is safe from color shifting
and that delivers a good framerate as well as resolution?


David HJ. Lindberg
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