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Peter Sutton peter at kaurus.com
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Hi Juan,
Firstly as a disclaimer, we advise, supply and install DCI and non DCI, DI
grading and screening rooms, predominantly in the UK but we talk to anyone,
we are not proud ;-) and we are unaffiliated with any specific manufacturer
but have had some excellent results and feedback from clients for whom we
have installed the Christie CP2210 from a DCI standpoint.

There is a newer model called the Solaria One Plus which could prove
interesting on the light levels side and we are investigating.
This one is aimed at the mass cinema market more than post with integral IMB
and DVI in and no SDI but still takes in dual link up one pipe for 444 RGB
2K and is 3D ready.
Both of the above are 3D and HFR capable.

'Small to medium' requires some clarification and a conversation off list
but is a difficult area historically to squeeze DCI machines into.
Light levels on anything less than 4m wide can prove difficult to get down
but not impossible. 
I have a client who is asking about the NEC NC900. I have no data from an
install to impart. I know it is not a Xenon machine and the contrast ratio
spec is a tad on the low side but I know it has been used in the US and I am
not in a position to knock it out of court.

The NC800 was a sad loss for post when NEC dropped it from production as it
was the smallest available and there are a number of them out there still
being used and kept going today.

It is a fact of life that as important as we in our Post industry think we
are, to the manufacturers, we are a drop in the ocean when it comes to
volume sales and when gauging worthiness of R&D spend for a specific market.
There might be a modicum of marketing kudos for a manufacturer on a sale
into Post (project dependent) but this wealds less and less weight these

In the non DCI world of HD res  DI, we could talk for days and this is not
the place. Suffice to say there are a number of plausible possibilities like
Christie 3 chip J Series, SIM2 Proc4 3 chip, projectiondesign single chip F
series and FL (LED) and JVC DiLA.
Each and every one is client and project and colourist eyes / expectations
dependant be it single or 3 chip DLP, DiLA or LED and obviously laser to
They all have their isms. They all have their plus and minus points. The key
is understanding ALL factors before you jump in.
All of those mentioned above have pretty good toolsets for helping to
calibrate on board.

Not everyone has the budget for the best and people are making money from
budget suites using kit another would not consider for a moment.
One complete projector cost can be less than the lens for another which
should give an indication as to optical / chromatic performance

I don’t want to get a wrist slap for advertising. I am just imparting some
of what I know clients have been happy with from us thus far.
There is a whole lot more you need to take into account when choosing a
projector, not least, the room design around it.
I am always available if you need to bend an ear with questions. 
Drop me a line any time off list.

Kind Regards
Peter Sutton

Technical Director
Kaurus® Limited

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Mob: +44 (0) 7779 242 790
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I've asked this on other forums but I'm curious what everyone is using for
DI projection right now? Anyone tried out the NEC NC900C? I know the NC800C
was/is in use at a few shops. Anything else that is appropriate for a
small/medium grading theater? Anything to take a look at, or avoid?



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