[Tig] Fwd: EDL/XML export from Resolve

David HJ. Lindberg david.hj.lindberg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 11:46:39 GMT 2013


So I'm still far from fully learned...

I've imported an EDL from Premiere to Resolve and graded everything. It all
worked fine and according to the offline reference, everything was correct
in the conform.

Now I have exported all my clips to ProRes 422HQ, with no handles or
anything (because we are so close to the deadline I needed to save as much
time as possible).
But when I export an EDL and open it up in Premiere it doesn't find the
footage at first. But then I just select them all and link them to the map
with all my graded clips I just exported. And then it starts to relink, and
some scenes works fine, but some clips are just black/non image the second
half of the length, and some are not in the correct timing of the clip.

Have I missed any important settings when exporting the EDL or what do you
think is the problem?

I've attached both an EDL and XML from Resolve in another email that will
be sent when the admin has approved the mail, if it helps you understand my

All the best,

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