[Tig] ProRes444 necessary when grading BW

Joey D'Anna joeydanna at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 22:05:25 GMT 2013

Is it shot black and white, or shot color and converted to b/w?

If it was shot color, I would do it in 444, it could help to have that
extra data to pull secondaries based on the full color shot if you need to

if its something like a black and white film scan, I think your probably
right, 444 wont give you much of a benefit.

 *From:* David HJ. Lindberg
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*Subject:* [Tig] ProRes444 necessary when grading BW

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I started to wonder this week if it's necessary to use ProRes444 files when
grading something bw? I mean, I guess the most important would be the first
4 which I've understand is the luminance. But is it even more optimal to
also have the other two fully sampled to 4 instead of going with a

I know bw is based on the green channel which is a colored channel, so
maybe it's giving the bw better quality and more information if you're
using 444?

I may be very wrong so I wanted to hear your opinions on this one.

Have a great weekend!

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