[Tig] ProRes444 necessary when grading BW

Buck Bito - Movette buck at movettefilm.com
Fri Mar 15 22:36:16 GMT 2013

Hi David,
The benefit would be if you're coming from 12 or 16bit source into Prores
because 444 supports up to 12 bit whereas all the 422 flavors are 10-bit
So you are right about the subsampling, but the gotcha is that you need
the 444 if you want 12-bit which allows you to theoretically go from 1024
gray values to 4096 per pixel.
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On Fri, March 15, 2013 2:59 pm, David HJ. Lindberg wrote:
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> Hey,
> I started to wonder this week if it's necessary to use ProRes444 files
when grading something bw? I mean, I guess the most important would be
the first 4 which I've understand is the luminance. But is it even more
optimal to
also have the other two fully sampled to 4 instead of going with a
> I know bw is based on the green channel which is a colored channel, so
maybe it's giving the bw better quality and more information if you're
using 444?
> I may be very wrong so I wanted to hear your opinions on this one.
> Have a great weekend!
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