[Tig] ProRes444 necessary when grading BW

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Sat Mar 16 17:47:50 GMT 2013

There was a movement once to try to re-order the nomenclature to GBR to accentuate the Green contribution, and some parade scopes were built to reflect that. But people are so used to saying "RGB" it never caught on.

Its actually more like 60/30/10 GRB  Y Luminance = (Red x 0.30) + (Green x 0.59) + (Blue x 0.11)

Thank god its newbie Tuesday. Wait a minute...

On 2013-03-16, at 5:51 AM, David HJ. Lindberg wrote:

>  If so, which is 20 and which is 10?

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