[Tig] Software for processing dpx/tiff files

Andreas Widerøe andreas at filmtek.no
Fri May 3 12:56:26 BST 2013

I'm looking into what software can do the following from raw scanned dpx or
tiff files:

- Stabilizing (large image sequences - normally the whole filmwidth will be
scanned incl. the sprocet holes)
- Detect frames and crop frame
- Be able to do the above as a batch job
- Process optical audio tracks on the scanned images and convert to audio
(wav) files
- Output new and process DPX or tiff files, heck even convert to videofiles
like prores or avi/mov

Also processing/analyzing and restoration tools would be nice to have.

Thanks for your input!

Best regards,
Andreas Widerøe

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