[Tig] 4K ProRes?

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Fri May 10 10:07:02 BST 2013

I have used 4k Prores 4444 to master a couple of times now and it was fine. Plus the new Alexa can output PR at 2k, all my Alexa work seems to come in like that at the moment.
One caveat with using PR 4444 is the potential gamma shift when going to a 422 codec. It tends to look greener.

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> Subject: [Tig] 4K ProRes?
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> I have recently been asked to finish 2 short films in 4K.
> Both shot on Epic, one has already been finished in HD the other is in pre production.
> I only have an HD monitor, renders and the copying of files will be much slower, but people will be requesting it.
> If you have pumped $5K of your own money into a short film why wouldn't you want a 4K finish.
> My question is when I think of a 4K delivery format I don't think of ProRes, I automatically think DPX. Is that wrong is ProRes perfectly
> acceptable at 4K?
> Will we see a new finishing master format for 4K Ultra HD?
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