[Tig] film scanning

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 16:04:30 BST 2013


some things to consider:


         the tradeoff between pixel size and light gathering, and...
         the mechanical precision this requires to do proper hires scans, which...
         will probably lead to the downfall of any physically "upgradeable" scanner.
                if you don't believe that, try the following:
                                     get your spirit 4k ccd's aligned ( if you can)
                                     move it around a bit
                                     check the alignment
                unless you have it physically isolated from the room with enough space to do
                maintenance without moving it, in which case you know what happens.

               dealing with film in non-optimal condition physically

the point is that quality, hirez scanning is really difficult to do. and cannot be done quickly.

remember, the least expensive way to do anything is to do it properly the first time.


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