[Tig] How much time film really has?

Anders Uhl anders at thedopshop.com
Fri May 17 22:28:18 BST 2013

I fully agree with Rob and have to add that as much as the mainstream is, has been and will continue for some time to be dominated by corporatism, there is also the "maker revolution" factor.  I have pretty immediate access to laser cutters, 3D scanners and printers, a 5 axis water jet, CNC mills and lathes, etc.  This is becoming more and more common and will continue to - so if there were a film apocalypse, I'm pretty sure there would be some form of resurrection at some level.  I'm not suggesting that it's simple, just that it's highly possible and can be driven by passion rather than market economics.  And while on the topic of markets, due to mass communication (internet), micro markets have become vastly larger - I can target a specific group of consumers on a global scale that would have been limited to word of mouth and a few odd ball magazine subscribers not too many years ago. 

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> All it would take is one EM pulse and film will be golden.
>> Likewise, the whole power grid may be permanently toasted, along with much of the electronic equipment attached to it if there is a significant earth-directed solar flare.  The last time this happened was in the 1800s and the telegraph wire strung across the continental USA was vaporized as if it never existed in the first place.
> I think this is an interesting point as we live in a world which relies so heavily on digital devices what does happen if they all suddenly fail? I think this is part of a conversation as a species we are not having i.e. what are the drawbacks to placing everything into the digital box? And this can dovetail with the question of what are we losing in the digital revolution?
> As with the Impossible Project I think the demand for photographic emulsion will not ever drop to zero and with that I think there will still be different infrastructure to service that demand. We do this at Cinelab as do other small labs around the US and around the world. 
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