[Tig] data on 35mm stock

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 23:45:45 BST 2013


there was a system proposed by kodak, later sold to 3m, sold back to kodak, then sold again
called DOTS ( i think) that would store the 1's and 0's on rolls of high rez b&w microfilm stock.
i think the downfall was/is that film as we know and (mostly) love it is images stored at the
molecular level already. to get more efficient than that means tech we don't have yet. i think
DOTS allowed for data to be stored in a space that was something like 6 reels for every reel of
source film. in a world where even the cost of storing the neg in a salt mine is becoming an issue
to beancounters, this was too much, apparently. to say nothing of kodak becoming a printer company
instead of a film company. or trying to.


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