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During DOTS development, Kodak engaged Dr. Paul Sides of the Chemical
Engineering Department at CMU and subjected the DOTS media to Battelle
Class II accelerated environmental age testing. The testing lasted 194
days, and there was no detectible degradation to the DOTS media. Tests were
terminated prior to achieving media failure due to lack of funding.

While the full life expectancy wasn’t determined, if we only take the
period of successful testing into account, we arrive at the following

   - Battelle Class II testing mimics real lifespan at a ratio of 1:180.
   For example, one day of BC II exposure equals 180 days of exposure in the
   “real world.”
   - The 194 days of BC II exposure for DOTS is the equivalent of 194x180
   days, which is equal to 95.7 years.
   - *There was no discernible damage to the media after the equivalent of
   95.7 years. *

Since then, Group 47 has subjected samples of DOTS media to over 72 hours
of immersion each in water, benzine, isopropyl alcohol, and Clorox (™)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner. In each case, there was no detectable damage to the
DOTS media. However, when subjected to the citric acid of Sprite carbonated
beverage, the metal had visibly deteriorated within six hours.

Group 47 is making available samples of DOTS media for further confirmation
of its archival life, and several high-profile institutions have offered to
test the DOTS media.

I wonder how long it would last in Coke?


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Alive... here:

>From the "what is DOTS webpage:

DOTS is a true optical “eye-readable” method of storing digital files. With
sufficient magnification, one can actually see the digital information. Our
“Rosetta Leader™” specification calls for microfiche-scale human readable
text at the beginning of each tape with instructions on how the data is
encoded and instructions on how to actually construct a reader. Because the
information is visible, as long as cameras and imaging devices are
available, the information will always be recoverable.

About page:

Group 47 was formed in 2008 in order to secure the patents, designs, and
manufacturing processes for DOTS, a proven 100-year archival technology
developed by the Eastman Kodak Company.

As of June 1, 2011, Group 47 acquired all identified DOTS patents from
Kodak, as well as a complete technology transfer of all technical
documentation. In addition, Group 47 obtained free and clear access to
Kodak’s patent portfolio for any previously related IP, along with access
to existing and former Kodak employees who have DOTS-related knowledge
and/or experience.

Includes a list of who the company is. It's based in Woodland Hills, in the
southwestern part of the San Fernando Valley.


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