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One thing that got me thinking: Is there a purpose for the variation of terms to describe the amount of color data in each pixel? 

I mean, it does feel like the expression for the amount of data per channel in one pixel like 8, 10, 12, 14, 16-bit is kind of like the standard expression, right? If so, is there a reason why we still use other terms like millions of colors or the summary of bits in all three RGB channels like 24, 48-bit in some situations and softwares? 

Just feels like something that occur confusion to many people but for no actual reason that doesn't benefit anything.

I may be wrong about a lot of things in this claim, so feel free to correct me. 

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> Several factual errors in the article, including the statement that HDCamSR is
> 8 bit in 4:2:2. It is not. It is 10 bit at all sampling rates.
> I essentially stopped reading PVC once they became a Createasphere satellite.
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